Electric Touch By Yigal Mesika


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Make the biggest skeptic into a believer! INCLUDES BONUS DVD! Watch Yigal Mesika, the creator himself, perform on the streets of Hollywood! He will teach you clearly how to use the Electric Touch, give you routines, possibilities, and personal tips that will take your magic to the next level!


Many people know why the Electric Touch is the obvious choice. Here are some reasons why it is the best:

* The set up time is less than 5 seconds, and you’re ready to go!
* You can control the shock with an off, high and low switch!
* The Electric Touch is a futuristic waterproof device!
* Electric Touch is smaller than a deck of cards!
* Very easy to do, no skills necessary!
* No toe switch, and no finger switch! A Brilliant Switch that works 100% under your command!
* When you are in the dark, you will actually see the static electricity spark between your fingers! You can actually hear the shock!
“Much of Yigal’s Products are incredibly innovative, clever and a must for those who want to create miracles anywhere at anytime.”
– Criss Angel — MINDFREAK

The next big thing from the creative mind of Yigal Mesika and Zeev Fleischman!

“everything you touch will turn to excitement”

“a breakthrough in magic and mentalism that will take your effects to the next level”

* Have a volunteer touch any part of your body, and watch them receive a pleasant electric static shock that will amaze them!
* With a touch of your finger, make a fluorescent light bulb glow on and off under your command!
* Charge a spoon, keys or coins and watch as it shocks a volunteer! They will believe you have supernatural powers!
* You can also have a telekinesis effect by making confetti jump up and down on a table!
* You can transfer the electric static shock to your audience with free hands! No jacket, shirt, or any jewelry!

The pleasant static shock from Electric Touch will make audiences excited and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Perform it anywhere on a moment’s notice.
A mind-blowing masterpiece and a mentalist’s dream, this effect bridges the mental and the physical.
street magic at its best with Electric Touch Magic Trick

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