Devils Nail 2.0 Magic Trick

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Show a large 6 inch solid steel nail to the audience. Stand it upright in the base on the table. While the magicians back is turned the nail is covered by a cup and 6 more cups placed next to it. The spectator mixes the cups. So now there is no way the magician can tell what cup the solid nail is under.
 The magician walks over to the table and one by one slams his hand down onto the cups hoping the nail is not going to pierce his hand. Luckily all the cups are smashed except for the final cup which you show holds the nail.

A Russian roulette type magic trick.
No magnets involved or stooges used with the Devil’s Nail
Can be instantly repeated.
Very visual
Can use almost any size cup that can fit over a 6 inch nail spike
Nail is Solid and Real so while there is a trick to this it can still be a dangerous effect so it will only be shipped to 18+. NO MINORS

Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions5 x 4 x 1 in


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