Decked Out -Color Changing deck

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Decked Out Deck

A long time in devising, Mark Mason delivers at last the perfect color changing card trick.
A genuine Color Changing deck that is hands-down the easiest to execute.
* 1. Spread the deck of cards Face-down ALL the cards are RED
* 2. Fan out the deck Face-Up ALL the cards are in miscellaneous order!
* 3. Spectator chooses a card from the Face-down pack of cards.
* 4. Instantly the deck is spread! Now all the cards are BLUE backed!
* 5. Spread the deck Face-Up
* 6. Now every last on of the cards run in PERFECT number & suit order EXCEPT the one and only card that is missing!

The chosen card is the only RED back card in a BLUE back deck!

* Specially printed deck!
* Easy to do!
* Works with any card!
One of the best and easiest color change decks available.
No sleight of hand required to learn this card trick

Weight4.4 oz
Dimensions10 x 5 x 0.4 in


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