Card magic Trick thru Window DVD


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Card thru Window DVD
Steve Branham is back with yet another closely guarded Secret. You will be taking your magic to the next level with Card Thru Window!

This is an effect that can be performed on the street, at a party or practically anywhere you could imagine.
You can walk down a city street, stop a passerby and have them select a card. The CARD is shuffled AND LOST IN THE DECK. The deck is thrown at a store window, store glass door, etc. Their selected card appears stuck to the glass. BUT IT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS.
 Spectators walk over to the card and claw at the glass.

Steve explains how to prepare and perform these killer routines.

You will learn: The Standard Card Thru Window The Signed Card Thru Window Corner Thru Window and a Bonus, no one will believe!

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