New and Improved Card IN the Ceiling


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The card on the ceiling has been around for many years and at one point or another has been included in almost every professional close-up magician’s act. Part of it’s appeal is that it leaves a semi-permanent souvenir of the performance that remains for everyone to see long after the magician has left. The effect is also very amazing to the spectators.
The card IN ceiling retains all the qualities of the card on ceiling, but it also includes the element of skill. Instead of the card ending up on the ceiling, the selected card ends up IMBEDDED in the ceiling, apparently a much more difficult feat. This is similar to a magician using card flourishes as sort of a juggling skill.
EFFECT: A deck of cards is brought out and a card is selected from it. The spectator signs his name in big letters across it’s face. The card is then lost back into the deck. A rubber band is wrapped around the deck and the cards are then thrown up into the air. The deck hits the ceiling and then falls back down. The spectator’s signed card stays on the ceiling, apparently one of it’s corners is actually imbedded into the ceiling. Spectators can view the card from all angles without being able to see the gimmick.
This version of the trick is by far the easiest on the market. We have taken away all the difficult handling of the original, making it much more deceptive. It is not recommended though for someone’s first trick as it does take some practice. Includes everything needed to perform the trick!
 Recommended for ages 10 and up.
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