Art of Astonishment Book Vol.2 Paul Harris


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Art of Astonishment Vol 2.
This three-volume set of books contains all of Paul’s classics, updated and refined, as well as 73 brand-new creations!
A total of 200 effects. All in all, these books contain over 900 pages of Paul Harris including a ground-breaking essay discussing the feeling of astonishment as our natural state of mind.
There are also six conversations with Eric Mead about effects that are too weird even for Paul.
Here are some of the effects in this volume:
Counterfeit Spectator (on a borrowed dollar bill, the printed signature of the U.S. Treasurer transforms into the spectator’s name- This is a trick David Blaine Performed on National Television), Fizz Master (carbonation travels from one liquid to another), McGimmick (levitate a milkshake using only your finger, then vanish it), Swiss Movement (animate an ungimmicked Swiss army knife), Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues (an advertising card turns into a real object) Osmosis (linking card routine), ..and more.
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