Art of Card Manipulations DVD Vol.2 Jeff McBride


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Art of Card Manipulations DVD Vol.2 Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride, renowned performer and one of the finest card manipulators today, teaches you the inside secrets of professional card manipulation. Routines, sleights, productions and flourishes are taught and demonstrated, along with sample routines and the sound advice that only a seasoned working professional can give. Many of these sleights and techniques have been closely-guarded secrets for years- never published, but only passed on from one professional to another.

This volume: Back Palming- Single Production, Thurston Five-Card Vanish and Reproduction, Preparing the Cards, Split Fan Productions, Front Hand Split, Cards from the Silk, Gloves and Cards, Body Loads and Steals, Aquitments- Reverse Benson Move, Flying Cards, Arm Spreads and Turnover Spreads and Catch, Cardini’s Bluff Spring- Waterfall Fan, Color Fanning- Color Changing Fan, Bluff Spread- Fanning Decks, Double Fan- Splitting the Fans, Rising Sun Fan, One-Hand Circular Fan, Windshield Wipers- Slow Motion Fans, 4 Ways to Fan a Fanning Deck, Double Tier Fan (Giant Fan) Wheel of Cards, Ganson’s Glued Deck Version, Challenge Card Fan Production (Garcia).

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