Effect: Show a regular glass of water. Reach into the glass pull up water and magically turn it into ice!


You will notice small gel like cubes in your package. Fill up a glass of water. Take 1 or 2 of the cubes and place them in the water. Let them stay in the water overnight. They will absorb the water so much they will grow to a very large size and fill up the inside of the glass. They will be completely invisible in the water. If you see the edge popping up over the water just add a little water and they will become invisible. Now you are ready to perform the effect.

Take the glass of water and place it on a table. You can have someone look inside the water. They will not see anything unusual. Now all you have to do is show your hands empty and reach into the water and pull up some of the gel looking ice. Have your hands closed and pretend to be squeezing the water together to make ice. Show the water has now turned to ice! Repeat this several times. You can keep the ice in larger chunks or squeeze some so you break it up into smaller pieces. Have a bowl or a cup nearby and place each hand full of “ice” into the cup. The ice is reusable so make sure and place it in a spot where dirt/dust will not be collecting on it. Then if you want to perform again later just take that same “ice” and place back in a cup of water.

Warning. This is not real ice so do not attempt to eat, swallow, or ingest. Do not drink the water that the “ice” was in.


As your pulling up the ice, try and not jiggle the ice to much. If you move it around a lot or drop on the table it will jiggle. Real ice does not do that. So gently place it into another bowl or cup.

You can steal a real piece of ice and pretend to reach into the ice that you have been pulling up and pull it out. Then toss it towards the audience on the table or ground so they hear it hit and break.

Here are a couple methods to do this.

First method: Have a solid piece of ice in your sleeve. And just lower your arm and it will fall into your hand. Then as you palm it reach into the “ice” cup where you have been placing the produced “ice” and pull out the real one.

Second method: After you pull the most the ice out you can reach into your jacket pocket to grab a towel. At the same time also grab a piece of real ice you have had in a small bag in your jacket pocket. Pretend to wipe your hands and then act like you forgot to show the ice to the audience. Then reach into the cup and pull out the real ice cube and toss onto table and say it really is ice!