Easy Coin Trick Demonstration

This is the 3 Coin Trick. The Magician uses 3 coins and magically they jump from hand to hand. This trick looks like complete sleight of hand. However, it is a very easy coin trick once you learn the secret. It will astound your friends. View the demo.

I have always loved this trick. It is an easy coin trick. Anyone can learn in just a few minutes once you have the trick coins here. This is a classic coin effect. You can show the coins in the beginning of the trick. Let the audience inspect them and then go into your routine. At the end of the trick you hand them out and they can attempt to recreate the trick however it will be impossible for them.
Effect: Showing 3 coins from different countries, the magician places them in his hand. He has a silver coin, a copper coin, and a brass coin. (50 cent piece, Chinese Coin, and a Mexican Centavo.

All you do is remove the 50 cent coin and place in your pocket and mysteriously the coin is back in your other hand and the Chinese/Mexican coin is in your pocket. This can be repeated and in different methods. Finally at the end just hand them out.

It will seem as if your hands are very skillful at the best sleight of hand. The people watching the trick will think you are amazing at manipulating coins. But little do they know that this is an easy coin trick that almost anyone can learn. It will not take years of practice to look amazing. It will take mere minutes.

Of course with any magic effect you should practice in front of a mirror for a long enough time to get the trick perfect. You want to be able to do it 100% of the time without every messing up. So practice makes perfect especially with coins..



What are some of your favorite easy or hard coin tricks? You can purchase the above trick here.

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