• Porthole Card Trick
  • Punched hole starts to move
  • PortHole sliding across the card
  • Spectator holds card while hole moves -Porthole
  • Porthole -Hole ends up across card
  • Porthole-Complete with the clever gimmick

Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg -Visual Card Trick

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Here is a fun new visual twist of a classic card effect. Stop what you're doing right now and WATCH THE TRAILER. You'll see a punched hole MOVE, BY ITSELF, from one end of a card to another. The card is signed and given away after the effect. Never, EVER, has a moving hole effect looked so visual.

Porthole comes with the precision-made prop you need to perform the effect, and it will last a lifetime. The apparatus takes care of everything for you--no sleights required at all.

Some more things to consider:
You start and finish completely clean
You can perform "Porthole" surrounded.
Easy To Do
No Threads - No Wires
You can perform this with playing cards, business cards or Similar.
No forces - No Switch
Performance and explanation footage included in DVD.
We shy away from using words like "ultimate" or "definitive" but it's hard to imagine a cleaner version of the moving hole plot. This looks as close to real magic as you can get!

"Porthole is one of the coolest new effects I've seen in a long time. It totally freaked me out when Darryl showed it to me. I've Not been blown away by an effect in a long time and this one did it !!!"
- Roy Kueppers

"The Best Animating Hole I've Seen. A Real Worker!"
- Robert Barna - Professional Magician

"What a wonderful close up illusion. Clever, Simple and Direct."
- Wilber Cortez - Magician Canada

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