Here are some of the latest magic tricks that we've added to the site.
Some tricks are brand new releases and others are brand new to our magic shop.
  • Color Changing Wand Trick -Black
    Color Changing Magic Wand
    coloringchangingwand // Performer waves a magic wand, which is red with gold tips, over a trick, but nothing happens. Realizing the magic wand is the wrong color, he passes is through his hand, and the...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • Gone Deck Trick Red Covered box by Shin LIm
    Gone Deck by Shin Lim -Trick (Visual Card Deck Vanish)
        A visual masterpiece designed by Shin Lim and Tom Elderfield is used as a closer to Shin's Encore Act performed on the Illusionists Show from broadway. What more is there to say? Gone Deck...
    Our Price: $29.95
  • P'ink Magical Marker Trick
    P'ink by Ran Pink -Magical Marker Pen Trick
    "This is so f#&king great. So many ideas are rushing through my head right now!"- Calen Morelli "Ran Pink is a genius! I've used his pens on everything from money to my own flesh and it has made it into several of...
    Our Price: $29.95
  • Magnet Ring -Red Stripe VIew 1
    Powerful Magnetic PK Ring - Red or Black Striped Design
    This is a perfect ring that you can wear on a regular basis that is magnetic. With a magnetic ring you can do many tricks. You could make your pocket watch stop on command or make a magnetic chop cup routine. The trick also...
    Our Price: $5.99
  • Wooden wand with gold brass looking tips.
    Wooden Magic Wand with Gold Colored Ends -11 inches
    Magic wands are a must for magicians. This one is an attractively turned magic wand in solid wood, polished in a natural wood grain finish with "gold" tips. The wand measures 11'' long and 1/2" in diameter. It is ideal for...
    Our Price: $5.99
  • Pencil through $1
    Pencil / Pen Through Bill Pro -Instant Download*
       Effect: The magician shows a regular pencil and $1 bill. He folds the bill and shoves the pencil clean thru the $1. The audience can see that the pencil really is through the bill. After tearing out the...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • Pk Spinning Pen
    Pk Spinning Pen -Instant Download*
       Learn how to take a pen and move it without touching it. Just place the pen on a table and with magic make it spin left and right. Eventually causing the pen to drop off of the table. This effect uses no...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • Magical Tricks Set Custom
    Magical Tricks Magic Set -Become a Magician
    Learn to do exciting effects instantly. These tricks will not only amaze but are easy to learn. This is a custom magic kit made here from a selection of the best beginner items. These tricks are hand picked to create more...
    Our Price: $29.99 $12.99
  • Matchbox Mystery Brass Closeup
    MatchBox Brass Block Mystery Penetration
      EFFECT: Display a small box of matches and a toothpick. Push the toothpick straight through the center of the matchbox, freely showing it at all times. Remove the toothpick and open the box. Instead of matches,...
    Our Price: $29.99
  • Heinsteins Dream Torn Card DVD Cover
    Heinstein's Dream by Karl Hein -Torn and Restored Card
    Heinstein’s Dream is without a doubt the best torn and restored card I have seen. It’s a real workable item!"Bill Malone “I have had this for quite a while now and can HIGHLY recommend it to anyone...
    Our Price: $29.95


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