• Art of Card Manipulations DVD Vol.3 Jeff McBride

Art of Card Manipulations DVD Vol.3 Jeff McBride

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Jeff McBride, renowned performer and one of the finest card manipulators today, teaches you the inside secrets of professional magic card manipulation. Routines, sleights, productions and flourishes are taught and demonstrated, along with sample routines and the sound advice that only a seasoned working professional can give. Many of these sleights and techniques have been closely-guarded secrets for years- never published, but only passed on from one professional to another. With the help of Jeff McBride, you'll see exactly how these sleights should look and how they are timed. You'll learn the baffling and sophisticated card manipulations you've only dreamed of performing!

This volume: One-Handed Shuffle, Triple Cut, Paul Draylin Cut, Butterfly Cut, Curly-Q Move, Auto Cut Rolo-Deck, Boomerang Card, Card Spinning, Garcia's Eclipse Escape, Card Production, Japanese Card Production, Del Rosso Buffo, Garcia's Million Dollar Production, Cardini's Cards and Silk with Tenkai Palm, Packet Vanish, Single Card Production, Squeeze Production, Card Production Routine, Euro Edge-Palm Production, Tenkai Toss Vanish and Transfer, McBluff Production, Mercury Card Production, Diminishing Cards, Interlock Production, History of Playing Cards.

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