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Invisible Trick Deck of Cards - Bicycle

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This is one of the strongest card trick effects you could perform! It has been performed on TV by magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Mat Franco
You can do many different tricks but here are two.
EFFECT: Place the deck behind your back and turn a card around. Bring the deck out into full view and ask a spectator to name any card that comes to there mind. Even though the deck is in full view you spread the cards very slowly and one card is seen reversed in the deck. The card is the spectators thought of card!
EFFECT: Place two decks on the table. One is face down and one is face up. The spectator points to ANY card in the face up deck. Upon spreading the face down deck one card is reversed, the card that was just pointed to. This can be performed immediately again. More baffling each time!
No sleight of hand required
Cards are professional Bicycle
Recommended for Ages 10 and up

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